Argentine Tango Classes, Edmonton, Intermediate I

Award winners instructors – Tango Salón


Cristina & Vicente performing at the Timms Centre for the Arts, Edmonton

Suitable for individuals who have completed Beginner level and feel comfortable with all tango fundamentals.

Will work with series of exercises to re-enforce balance and the importance of spirals in the torso.

Will introduce basic giros (turns), sacadas (displacement), barridas (sweep), ganchos (hooks), and boleos, using clear step-by-step method focusing on technique and finesse.

Essentials on navigation on dancing floor.

It is recommended to wear flexible and comfortable clothes.  

No dancing partner is required.

Schedule of Classes – Spring 2019


Name McKernan Hall


Location 11341 – 78 Ave NW
Room Main Hall
Day Wednesday
Time 7:00-8:30 pm
Starting Sept. 4, 2019
Ending Oct. 2, 2019
Course code NA
Registration phone 780-905-0072
Email registration