Our Tango

We are both from Chile where we became familiar with the tango music and dance since childhood.

In 1998 we started dancing Tango Salon inspired by Miguel Angel Pla and Maria Raquel Coltrinari, from Buenos Aires, who came to Edmonton to teach a tango workshop.

In 1999 we went to Buenos Aires where we stayed for six weeks taking group and private tango classes twice a day and attending milongas (dances), in the evenings. Every two years go back to Buenos Aires to improve our tango skills as tango is a life learning process.

In March 2000 we started teaching tango in Edmonton and also organizing monthly “milongas” (dances). In 2011-2012 the Recreation Centre, U of A, awarded us with The Building Block Award. We are currently teaching at McKernan Hall, 11341 – 78 Ave NW.

We have performed for many appreciative audiences at gala events and charity fundraisers in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Buenos Aires, Tampico, and Guadalajara (Mexico). Our most memorable performances are those at Sunderland Tango Club in Buenos Aires (2001), Edmonton City Hall (2001), Francis Winspear Centre (2002), Timms Centre for the Arts, University of Alberta (2006), and Shaw Convention Centre Edmonton (2009), Edmonton City Hall (2016), and Symphony Under the Sky with The Edmonton Symphonic Ochestra (2019).


Cristina & Vicente performing at Club Sunderland, Buenos Aires, 2001

Cristina & Vicente performing at Club Sunderland, Buenos Aires, 2001

Our Tango Teachers

We have taken classes with many tango masters but we would like to recognize those instructors who have had a significant influence in our actual tango style and this list is (approximately) in chronological order: Miguel Ángel Plá & Maria Raquel Coltrinari, Nito & Elba Garcia, Toto Faraldo, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Gabriel Angió & Natalia Games, Karina Anton, Carlos Gavito & Marcela Durán, Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Gustavo Chidichimo & Virginia Martorani, Damián García & Carolina Bonaventura, Francisco Forquera & Natalia Hills, Mariano Bielak & Paula Gurini, Francisco Forquera & Carolina Bonaventura, Roxana & Fabián Belmonte, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes, Luciano Capparelli and Rocio de los Santos