Argentine Tango Classes in Edmonton with Cristina & Vicente

Award winners instructors – Tango Salón

What is Tango? Some people describe it as: 'The ultimate communication between two people allowing two bodies to dance as one'. This description fit us well.

Argentine Tango is an elegant, romantic, and sensual dance.

Our two decades of teaching experience allows us to work with series of simple moves to build confidence on how to navigate on the dancing floor.  Based on this, we will develop more complex and sophisticated sequences so our students will be able to express their feelings inspired by the music.

Join our all level class at McKernan Hall, 11341 – 78 Ave NW


Award from Campus Recreation, U of A, 2011-2012

Award from Campus Recreation, U of A, 2011-2012

On April, 2012 Cristina & Vicente were honoured with de Building Block Award from the Campus Recreation of University of Alberta.  This was in recognition of their high quality of teaching and instructor’s commitment to improving the overall success of the Campus Recreation, U of Alberta, program.